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(1) The prices of the books printed in this edition of the Catalogue may become automatically invalid if  (i) the prices have been changed, (ii) a new edition of any book has been published or a book has been reprinted.
(2) The commercial discount on Veda-Sansthan publications is given to the order-suppliers and bulk distributors. Enquiries are solicited.
(3) A discount of 10% is offered to individuals on the purchase of Rs 100/- or above, and 15% on Rs 500/- or above.
(4) Over-riding discount is offered as follows - 3% on the nett purchase of Rs. 3,000/- or above, 5% on Rs 5,000/- or above and 10% on Rs 10,000/- or above.
(5) Books are delivered after receiving the net price of the books along with postal, registration and packing charges. Transportation, loading and such other expenses will be borne by the customer. The transportation receipt is sent through the Bank.
(6) Special discount is offered to public libraries, religious/ cultural/charitable institutions and to research and educational institutions.
(7) Books are not sent through V.P.P.
(8) Complete information necessary for sending the books should be sent along with the order, e.g, the name of the Bank, District, State, Pincode, Phone No., Fax No., E-mail address, etc.
(9) Books gifted on occasions like birthdays, marriage and other auspicious dates can be sent directly to the concerned address mentioned in the Order-Form.
(10) Books once sold cannot be returned but can be exchanged if they are in proper condition.
(11) All matters concerning sale will be valid under Delhi’s jurisdiction.

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