Why Ved-Sansthan

Ved-Sansthan is not only an institution but a movement with a zeal to propagate Vedic knowledge in a simple and interesting way lest it should become only an intellectual activity for research institutes and scholars. The Sansthan is determined to arouse the interest of people in Vedas, thus enabling them to enjoy the nectar of this spring of knowledge.

The purpose of education is to enable its recipient to think and act liberally and positively. We stand crestfallen when we realize that the real purpose of Vedas has been defeated. Its study, teaching, and explanation have been put under stern rules and regulations. The common man is threatened with dire consequences if it is recited incorrectly. Consequently, a vast part of society has been kept away from this treasure house. Moreover, narrow-minded scholars prohibited the study of Vedas by the labor class and women. These facts emphasize that we are liberal only in books. On the one hand, we proclaim 'universal brotherhood,' वसुधैव कुटुंबकम्, on the other, we lay down that "women and the downtrodden must not study the Vedas", स्त्रीशूद्रौ नाधीयाताम्. This is an irony.

The whole mankind is suffering by not following the path of the Vedas. Its illuminating thoughts are like the highest peaks of Himalayas inspiring mankind to live cheerfully, devoid of any fears, doubts, despondency, selfishness, and inhumanity. Vedas propagate 'life', not 'death'. They preach that "to progress is your destiny, O Self!", उद्-यानं ते पुरुष, whereas today's mankind is experiencing dejection, rejection, cowardliness, faithlessness, all things leading to a dark future and a sorrowful life. Society can be saved if it follows the enlightened path of Vedas.

Indian History proves that the supremacy of this country's culture and civilization remained as long as people followed the Vedic path. As they drifted away, degeneration of moral values became visible among them. People feared the disappearance of Vedas under these circumstances. In present times an in-depth knowledge of Vedas is to be found almost nowhere and scholars are engaged in explaining it superficially.

That knowledge or science survives which is within reach of human beings, otherwise, it vanishes.

Veda-Sansthan is aiming to propagate Vedas among the masses in an interesting and easily comprehensible way. It can be achieved through the devotion and diligence of a number of people working together for years. Come. Let's all join hands to make this sacred task, 'Yajna' successful.